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Sonorus is here.
A Web3 protocol to revolutionize how MUSIC is published, discovered, and monetized.
Sonorus Heat Rank
Sonorus Heat Rank is the consensus of muisc lovers among Sonorus community. The higher a song's Heat Score Ranking, the stronger consensus it represents,the greater the $RUS token yields its supporters receive everyday.
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Collect Music NFTs & Earn $RUS
Collect the Record NFTs to support your favoriate songs and enjoy $RUS yield of your collections
Nominate New Songs
On Sonorus, music lovers can also add their favourite songs to the catalog and Sonorus Heat Rank via a nomination campaign.
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  • Promote-to-earn smart contracts on BSC
  • Listen-to-earn smart contracts on BSC
  • Sonorus music player WebApp with promote-to-earn and listen-to-earn functionalities
  • Sonorus music player Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Sonorus artists portal for artists/music right owners
    • Mint their songs into NFTs
    • Set streaming prices and distribution incentives
    • Check and withdraw their NFT music streaming royalties
  • A creative mechanism for users to browse and discover more great music works in Sonorus' enormous music library
  • Sonorus music streaming and distribution developer SDKs v1.0
  • Announce Sonorus artists development program to help more talented artists get promoted and rewarded on Web3
  • Launch new music catalog partnerships in more developing countries beyond Vietnam
  • Launch Sonorus native tokens
  • Launch Sonorus ecosystem development program using Sonorus native tokens to support ecosystem builders
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